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Desktop Application Development

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Our desktop application development skills can become your ground for building the application which will delight your customers with the rich functionality, speed of work and user-friendly interface. We are the team of professionals who can create groundbreaking desktop solutions from scratch, modernize your legacy solutions, create custom middleware for connectivity of your enterprise applications thus making your business process agile and effective.


We have experience in creating boxed and licensed solutions for various platforms in our portfolio. With us, your next market-winning product will be in good hands because we have all the in-house capabilities including analysts, architects, UX/UI specialists, engineers and QA to success in such projects.


Have an innovating idea that needs further research and development to find a proper technological solution and implementation? We can help. ASW Technology has already completed many technical achievements with the sophisticated yet effective software and middleware for the desktop platforms.


The proper data transfer and workflow functioning across enterprise IT environment is crucial for the effectiveness of the modern distributed systems. We are capable of creating a complex integration solution and addings to make all your business solutions effectively and flawlessly work as a single system.


ASW Technology team has some of the best experts experienced in creating the custom middleware for the application to application integration and integration of the web-based application with the desktop solutions.

ASW Technology combines the deep OS architecture knowledge and skills required to leverage all advantages of the desktop applications for your business. Our software engineering team has the experience to create the custom middleware that solves the most complex challenges of the enterprise IT infrastructure related to the data and workflows sharing across different systems.