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Inventory management system

Inventory management system manages supply chain of the product in the business which deals with B2B or B2C. Maintaining right Inventory for business organization is essential in order to avoid overstocking of products. Whether it deal with manufacturing or retailing Inventory management system track every single thing which is helpful to create future plans

Key Features

  •   Reporting tools
  •   Inventory forecasting
  •   Tools For Accounting
  •   Product tracking
  •   Complete reports for parts and finish products
  •   Forecasting tools
  •   User Friendly
  •   Accuracy
  •   Save Time

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System helps to improve different parts of the restaurant experience like front operations, kitchen efficiency, back-office analysis, guest experience, billing cycle, improve quality and sale of business.

Key Features

  •   Generate Sales Reports
  •   Register multiple orders
  •   Highly integrated Accounting Module
  •   Analysis of business
  •   Forecasting tools
  •   Improve Quality
  •   Apps enabled for Order and Table management system
  •   Organized with/without Taxes
  •   Inventory management system with material renewal alerts
  •   Separate screen for orders to be displayed in kitchen premises
  •   Apps enabled Point of Sale for billing

Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System is widely used byBanks, Finance, Manufacturing Companies to perform well. Employee's wages, allowances,bonus perks,deductions, gross pay, net pay, overtime, leaves, etc. all comes under Payroll Management System. It allow to manage employee information, generate pay-slip and generate employee report.

Key Features

  •   Administer Employee Information professionally.
  •   Support 24 x 7
  •   Describe the emoluments, deductions, leave etc.
  •   Security
  •   Generate Pay-Slip at one click.
  •   Fast delivery
  •   Generate and handle the Payroll Processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee.
  •   Registration SMS free
  •   Produce all the Reports related to employee, attendance/leave, payroll etc.
  •   99.99% up time server
  •   Virtual Private Server
  •   Hack proof software
  •   Manage your own precautions
  •   Reports – Analytical, Graphical Representation, MIS etc…

HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

HRMS empowers HR department to be more creative by reform and mechanize HR processes by subsequent solution drives for instance Project Management, Exit management Travel and reimburse management, payroll, performance, recruitment, attendance, Training, etc of employees. It manages the whole life cycle of employees from Recruitment to Resignation or Retirement. HRMS is intended to manage an organization’s human resource processes and provide strategies for continuous growth of both employee and organization.

Key Features

  •   Hiring
  •   Administration
  •   Managing Payroll
  •   HR planning
  •   Recruiting/Learning management
  •   Performance record
  •   Employee self-service
  •   Absence management
  •   Taxes
  •   Employee Reassign section
  •   Grievance handling by following precedents

Jewellery Management System

The system deals with buying and selling process of Jewellery store. This system is developed to satisfy all the requirements of the business. The process involves recording will details about dealer, customers, certifications, albums, items, Billing and transactions related to business is more simple and easy. The system reduced the possibility of errors to a huge level and maintains the records in an well-organized approach. Its provide reports on orders delivery reports, customer details sales and purchase etc by clicking few buttons.

Key Features

  •   Save time and money
  •   Simple and user-friendly.
  •   Calculate rate and tax details automatically.
  •   Different Reports like Sales, Outstanding Payment, taxes etc.
  •   Complete reports for parts and finish products

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System gives client a clear cut vision about how business is performing. It is easy to take full of charge Front Desk, House Keeping, Staff, Billing, Booking, etc through a centralized database. With the help of this system client can take critical decision at the most appropriate time.

Key Features

  •  Automate hotel operations
  •  Provide effortlessness of access
  •  Allow limitless users
  •  Capture and evaluate guest details
  •  After-sales support
  •   Security of data, payment gateway
  •   Comprehensive reports
  •   Multiple features
  •   3rd Party integrations
  •   Customer tracking

News Management System

This system allows you to publish, manage, press-releases and media, distribute news, articles, on your website. It can be used to mechanize the process of organizing a news service, automatically generating article excerpts, RSS feeds, featuring preferred articles as lead stories, archiving previous news, and much more. Many web sites lack the essential online publishing tools to broadcast their news, articles, press releases, etc. and are therefore unable to compete with the larger, more established news and media web sites on the Internet. System is designed to change it, by providing a completely integrated and centralized solution for content publishing and news management. It allows you to publish articles to selected categories and even schedule automatic publishing. Important news can be displayed at a glance, ensuring that your readers will not miss it.

Key Features

  •   Site-wide and category-specific stories
  •   Fully-featured Content Management for articles
  •   Support for indefinite number of categories and articles
  •   Ability to customize article
  •   Image gallery is built to each article
  •   Support for RSS feeds
  •   Quick and advanced search
  •   Articles can be sorted and/or filtered by any field
  •   Users can post or recommend new articles
  •   Users can rate, review articles and comment on them
  •   Automatically track new, hot, popular and editor’s picks articles
  •   Ability to cross-reference with other articles and categories
  •   Automatic article archiving
  •   Handle number of categories and articles
  •   Scheduled article publishing and archiving
  •   Editorial review for incoming articles
  •  Configurable automatic e-mails associated with articles

Online Exam Management System

Online Exam Management System is an ideal platform for any College, Institute, Bank and Organization who conduct online examination for students. It is easy to manage batches, test series and more with a simple click. Most of the exam problems get wipe out with Online Exam Management System as it is friendly as well as easy to use.

Key Features

  •   Manage test series
  •   Staff and student management
  •   Payment gateway
  •   SMS and Email integration
  •   Student reports generation
  •   Easy to operate
  •   Print facility for offline test
  •   Accuracy
  •   Time saving
  •   Course/student/batches /question bank manage.
  •   Student login
  •   Generate id cards and student self evaluation reports.
  •   Data analytics, graphical representation, MIS etc.

Industrial Training and Learning Management System

Dedicated comprehensive online system for All Learning and Development activities at Industrial / Organization plant/Group level. Industrial Training and Learning Management System provide all types of report like SKILL GAP Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Certifications, etc under one roof.

Key Features

  •   Fully Automatic Software to function as a Training Manager-Dedicated.
  •   Competency mapping, Skill Matrix preparation, SWOT Analysis
  •   Micro Analysis for an Individual (Knowledge details in %)
  •   TNI and Preparation of Training Calendar
  •   Training Budget
  •   Vendor Details, Online Quotation, Comparison
  •   Training program details & Contents
  •   Training Delivery, Assessment, Evaluation (Pre, Post, 3 months) etc.
  •   Testing and Certification
  •   Departmental Control by HOD
  •   Special Training program requirement from HOD`s
  •   ROI Analysis-Online
  •   Internal and External Trainers Database
  •   Annual Departmental Feedback system
  •   All reports are at one click-User friendly
  •   Career Succession Planning
  •   App for more efficient application
  •   Fully Web Base solution and application
  •   Simple, reliable & User Friendly to Operate
  •   Flexibility to Modify or customize as per individual requirement
  •   100% Transparency based
  •   Easy to use, Quick entry, Quick Responding & Fast Printing
  •   One click report generation as per requirement of business
  •   Completely Paper Less online feedback system
  •   Wide data base can be generated as per requirement
  •   Certification can be done internally
  •   Can be customized as per requirement
  •   All training programs arrangement, assessment etc.
  •   App for efficient application

Conference Management System

This CMS - Conference Management System is design for highly professionals. It helps to arrange big official, events, corporate, public, stakeholder, etc meeting with proper defining the meeting/event agenda. The system will take care of all the process start from invitation to collecting feedback from the participants.

Key Features

  •   Design of the complete program as well as an overview, based on accepted presentations, assigned topics and resources
  •   Manage resources (rooms, time slots)
  •   Resolve scheduling conflicts
  •   Outline of the agenda
  •   Detailed list of presentations with locations and timing
  •   Works online completely
  •   Supports the entire intellectual event cycle
  •   Powerful data export and import
  •   Collect personal data by creating custom forms (e,g. surveys, proposals)
  •   Send automatic and bulk emails
  •   Users see a repository of received messages
  •   Gather feedback after the event is over
  •   Organizers can modify any text on the system
  •   Facilitates the implementation of additional language
  •   Bidding process and automatic or manual assignment of papers
  •   Open or blind peer review process
  •   Facilitates off-line work through the export of assigned abstracts
  •   Flexible textual and numerical appraisal system
  •   Customizable review criteria
  •   Provide feedback for authors
  •   Progress tracking, statistical evaluation
  •   Bulk communication with selected groups
  •   Logging of outgoing messages